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Cleaning & Sanitizing with Bleach · Mix 1 cup ( mL) of bleach in 1 gallon of water. · Wash surfaces with the bleach mixture. · If surfaces are rough, scrub them. Ensure the area is well ventilated when diluting or using bleach. Bleach is incompatible with many other chemicals. Don't mix bleach with ammonia or. Your “up to 3 cups” of liquid bleach with hot water is very concentrated, even with the other products. Soaking is OK but normally, I recommend 1/4 cup Clorox.

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Clorox itself recommends using between and ounces of regular-strength bleach per 10, gallons of pool water -- one gallon is ounces, and many. Add 3/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach to your washer's bleach dispenser. Wash as usual. If you are using bleach for removing stains, follow these steps: Dilute a. Household liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is effective for cleaning clothes, sanitizing spills, killing bacteria, and whitening fabrics. But in order to be.

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Use plain liquid laundry bleach (Chlorox, Purex, or a generic brand). Do not use bleach with additives or special scents. The label should say sodium. You may experience dry skin if you use too much bleach or take bleach baths too often. If your skin is cracked or very dry, any bath — including a bleach. Disclaimer: Wyoming Analytical Labs (WAL) provides this information as a courtesy to our customers. WAL accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of.